July 24th, 2022
Hi KC fam-
My name's Tim, and I was a member of KC for about 3 years before moving out of DC this passed year, for a season. While it's been a minute, I'm planning to move back to the area in October/November and am starting to look at options for housing.
A little about me: I'm from Pittsburgh, PA originally (and also where I live currently). I'm a clinical extrovert who loves meeting new folks and being socially maxed out often :)....my longtime hobbies are recreational hockey and golf, and on the weekends you'll usually find me at a King's Church function, hanging with friends, or escaping town.
I work entirely remote, so housing location is flexible. I would prefer the Cap Hill, Navy Yard, and Wharf areas but am open to other options if the logistics make sense. At the present point, I am open to different housing situations including living alone or with CM roommates, so please message/call me at 412-915-8554 if you know of any places/people that would be a potential fit, and I will provide a budget range on contact.
Thanks! Looking forward to being back in the District!
Tim Murcek
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Tim Murcek